Dressing seductive doesn’t mean dressing trashy.

I can’t stress this one enough. Too many women think dressing seductive doesn’t mean dressing trashy. I don’t even advise women to wear overly revealing swimsuit in public. Because with that little tiny swimsuit you’ve thrown away all the power.  Like it or not, that’s how it works. Men are visual creatures. Once they see what they wanted to see, then they move on to the next woman.

How keeping yourself covered works? He has to use his imagination in what you may look like. There are many swimsuit that doesn’t reveal everything you couldn’t want the whole world to see. To maintain the power ladies you are going to have to maintain his respect.

Lack of clothing only attract men for one purpose. You can’t a lasting build a relationship based strictly upon physical attraction. I know it’s said in the media, books and novels you can. But truthfully, once the thrill is gone there needs to be something else in the relationship that goes beyond sexual attractive. That’s what has happened when you think your sex life is great, it has been nothing but hot sex for months and suddenly he stops calling, stop texting, or make excuses as to why he came come by. Reality is, it’s over. Sex was there was to the relationship. woman-with-her-ass-out


The picture above, is how too many women give away their power in the early stage of dating, if they are simply dating and he hasn’t made a commitment or married her. Her chances of getting him to commit are very slim. I looked closer and I see a wedding band on his finger. So she is his wife but I’m concerned about them lasting because a man who intend to keep his wife for years to come do not want other men looking at her. I know it sounds old-fashioned and passe and I know we have gone through the sexual revolution and the feminist movement. But none of it has stuck in men’ head or there wouldn’t be so many who don’t call or text the next day.

And if he doesn’t care how revealing your clothing are then that speaks volumes as to how long the marriage may last. You can’t sex your way into a long, loving relationship.

I am not talking about a husband who is paranoid with jealousy. That kind of person is dangerous. I’m talking about the average husband. He would nag her until she put on something to fully cover her bottom.



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