Every 18 minutes a woman suffer at the hands of an intimate relationship.

According the National Crime Statics every 18 minutes a woman suffer at the hand of an intimate relationship. It isn’t reserved by raced, nationality and nor can social economic status protect you. The Russia parliament recently reinstalled the law it is ok to beat your wife or girlfriend. It is no longer a crime.

    This behavior has become a worldwide epidemic. Not only does it exist in America but all over the world. Often it is done in public and no one rush to the woman’s aid. There’s a case in India where the woman was stabbed to death with the single blade of scissor on the streets and people moved to the other side rather than tried to help her. There’s another case in New Zealand where a woman was publicly stripped and burnt to death for alleged witchcraft.The mob fought off those who tried to help her and sadly many in the mob were other women.

     But I’m always curious of where were her family members who are later saying how much they loved these women and girls after their eath. Frankly,  I think some are lying because love is a powerful emotion. It will prompt you to get off your behind and find out where your loved ones are when you don’t hear from them in a while or when you call them they sounded ‘funny’ over the phone or are invasive in text messages. You will push until you find out they really are just suffering from a cold. You don’t care how upset they get. Love will definitely prompt you to act when you know or suspect they are being abused.

     Worldwide as a global community we need to start setting better examples. Teach our sons that this is not acceptable behavior and stop ‘wink, wink’ at it saying ‘boys will be boys.’  Political correctness have no place in a society if people are dying from everyone being too damn polite to stand up and say a behavior or act is a crime and we will not tolerate it anymore.

     The doctors who came up with the antidote to combat the Plague wasn’t polite about it. They intended to stomp it out and they succeeded. That’s the same mentality needed it’s coming to stomp out this “Plague” of domestic violence.

       Like for example; everyone has been avoiding the blatantly, obvious link between pornography and violence toward women and girls all in the name of money. This is a multi-billion dollar industry. Porn display and present women as objects, not as living, breathing human beings with feelings and emotions. Objects have no feelings. Objects expect nothing because they aren’t living things. It desensitizes men to the fact their act maybe painful to their partners. 

      Even children cartoons often show girls that are supposedly 8-14 years old in ultra short skirts and with a bustline as voluminous Dolly Parton and most parents see nothing wrong with that. Saying it’s just a cartoon. No, it’s not. It’s the start of hooking them into soft porn before they are old enough to graduate into hard porn. They are creating new customers for the industry. Men who will never be able to have successful relationships with real women. Real women do not behavior as those in the porn. It’s harmful to both men and women.




 This Man Is Trying To Explain Why He Punched His GF To Death Over A Tinder Message
Gray Collins

23-year-old Jordan Matthews is facing at least 18 years in prison after murdering his 24-year-old girlfriend Xixi Bi.

Matthews killed Xixi after an argument last August, which Matthews described to emergency responders as just “a bicker.” Matthews had become enraged when he could have sworn that he saw Xixi receive a Tinder message from another man. He began throwing her around the room, and repeatedly punching her. He later called the authorities when he noticed Xixi was having trouble breathing.

In a video released by police, Matthews attempted to explain his actions. He said he was trying to have a “conversation” about her relationship and she wasn’t taking it seriously:

    “I asked her what she was doing, where she had been today, who she was with. She would just not tell me.

    I grabbed her by the front of the T-shirt with two hands and picked her up off the sofa, then I dragged her with one hand around the sofa and threw her into the bedroom.

    Then I picked her up from there and threw her into a cabinet. I picked her up from there and I punched her in the stomach. She said something really really, I can’t put my finger on it.

    Then I picked her up… I just lost it the moment she said something she’d said before, something to do with her friend Ivy I swear.

    After she said that, I instantly punched her pretty, pretty hard in the solar plexus area around here. She instantly, pretty much, bent over, pretty much fell to the floor. I held her up […]

    I could see that that hurt. So I apologized to her. After that we just sat on the bed, and she had a little water and spilt it everywhere.”

His own video testimony can be watched below. It may contain elements disturbing to some readers:

Xixi and Jordan both lived together in the United Kingdom. They met on the popular dating website “Plenty of Fish” after Xixi moved to the country for her education.

Xixi was the heir to a multi-millionaire dollar company back in her home country of China. She was described as a kind and intelligent young woman. Her brother made the following statement to the court:

    “Xixi was needlessly and selfishly killed by Jordan Matthews, a person which she trusted. Xixi was a kind, friendly, approachable person. She was intelligent and had the whole world in front of her. The heart has been ripped out of our family. We as a family will never come to terms with our loss, and Xixi will always be in our hearts however broken they are.”

Unfortunately, the relationship between Xixi and Jordan appears to have been abusive almost from the start. Jordan would apparently beat Xixi if she refused to have sex with him, and he would send her abusive texts and voicemails. Voicemails that were submitted to the court as evidence included:

    “F*** you. Stop texting me you worthless piece of s**t.”

    “You never do anything right. I can’t be bothered texting you.”

    “I have to hit you repeatedly in the head while screaming at you.”

Friends and family remarked that while dating Jordan, Xixi became more withdrawn and appeared to be covering up bruises with larger quantities of makeup.

Jordan initially told first responders that he had nothing to do with her death, saying that they fought, but that the argument just resulted in “make up sex” that was “better than regular sex anyway”. He eventually plead guilty to manslaughter, saying it was not his intention to kill her.

He repeatedly referenced Xixi as his “wonderful girl” and offered to show investigators the ring he planned to propose to her with.

Jordan will serve at least 18 years in prison before he is eligible for release.


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